Monday, February 21, 2011

How does college and medical school work in England..

How does college and medical school work in England...?
I heard that they are both put together... Can an American high school senior get into one? Can they use scholarships or grants or anything? Is it harder for Americans? Is there an easier way?
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I'm not sure if they combine them or not, but I do know if you go to med school overseas you will have to pass the exam here regardless. Yes, you can get into school in england out of high school, but it will be tough and a little expensive. You can use Stafford loans and scholarships if they have no stipulations on where the school is, but no grants. Keep in mind though, their standards can be a little higher and you have to have a certain GPA for most schools. There are several US scholarships if your grades are good enough such as the Fulbright award, you just have to do some research into those. It's not harder for Americans, the most annoying part is the passport and visa process. You could get school paid for and everything just to be denied a visa if they feel you don't have sufficent funding. Plan FAR ahead if you decide to go this route. I've been preparing to leave for grad school in London for 10 months now and it hasn't got easier and I wish I would have started earlier! Easier way? You could always do study abroad through a US college.