Sunday, November 21, 2010

How can a US citizen work in England

How can a US citizen work in England?
I'll be finishing up my BA degree soon, and I was wondering how I could start looking into jobs overseas.
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If you want to work in the UK legally, I'm sure that the closest British embassy or consulate to your location would be able to provide you with visa information. There may be some websites that give information on British immigration law too.
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If you wish to work in the United Kingdom then it is possible for you to come to the U.K. as a tourist and legally look for work, it is also legal as a tourist to attend any job interviews which you receive. The only problem is that if you are successful and offered a job then the employer must file for a work permit on your behalf and you would have to return home and then obtain entry clearance as a work permit holder. All this information can be found on the following websites.
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The Program (HSMP UK) was created for highly skilled individuals wishing to remain or to come to the United Kingdom to work as employed or self-employed persons. ~You do not need a prior offer for a job or to take up self employment opportunities in order to have your visa application approved by the Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Directorate. \ ~You can apply to come and seek for jobs or self-employment opportunities in the United Kingdom. ~We can apply for you directly to Work Permits (UK), obtain an official approval letter and than prepare the application for the British Embassy or the Consulate in the country where you are resident.